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".hack//INFECTION - Vol. 1"

  • GamePro, February 2003 (#173)
  • Hey kids! Want to spend Friday lookin’ at ads for Japanese RPGs? You do?! Awesome! Here’s the first in the “.hack” franchise!

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“You guys look like you’re having fun.”


From Gematsu:


At a Tokyo event commemorating the release of the .hack “Light Edition” art books, CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama touched upon the status of the .hack series.

Asked about potential PlayStation remakes, Matsuyama said: ”There is a lot of desire…

Translation: “.hack? Oh, that shit. Well, play that cellphone game and keep waiting. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to re-draw my Naruto whiskers and get back to fucking my assistant/Sakura cosplayer on a swan boat.”

It’s cool, I speak Hiroshian. I’m also fluent in Nomurian and Kojimian so you know it’s legit.

.hack// VERSUS - Hidden Wallpapers [Part 1/2]


"You should always be prepared to lose something that is precious to you. And be prepared... to protect something... something precious to you."

Yikes! I’m aware there is still a fanbase for .hack, and I’m honestly surprised that as many people got flustered at what I said. I own tons of .hack merchandise and still talk about it every day, but you know It’s difficult to support a franchise when there are not many ways to support it. There is a serious lack of anything .hack related being released outside of Japan and most of the time, the available merchandise you can find is pre-owned material that does not aid the franchise’s financial situation, which is what decides (most of the time) whether or not something gets localized.

And about the Sword Art Online comment…

You can’t deny the two of them are very similar.